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Are you committed to developing leaders? Learn about emerging trends and proven strategies in leadership development and share your challenges. A collaboration with the CHRP association in Québec (Ordre des CRHA).

Orientation et intention

More than ever, we operate in a complex and changing environment, where staying put is essentially going backwards. In the face of such challenges, organizational resilience necessarily depends on the ability of humans to renew themselves. This is especially true for leaders, who must simultaneously operate and reinvent their organizations, anticipating the effects of all these changes.

According to Louis Hébert, professor at HEC Montréal, the tomorrow’s leaders will have to demonstrate self-control, humility, open-mindedness, vigilance, as well as a great capacity to analyze information. “They will need to listen to their teams, examine perspectives in their diversity, be aware of their own preconceptions, know how to step back and question themselves.” Developing these capabilities will require the leader to not only develop new skills, but also to learn how to shift their mindset and make sense of the world in which they operate.

Connecting, being inspired and learning from other professionals accelerates the evolution of your HR practice, and this is more relevant and necessary than ever!

This virtual community of practice aims to connect HR professionals from all backgrounds and regions who are committed to developing leaders. If leaders have a duty to grow, HR professionals have the power to help them by providing effective and appropriate development solutions.

Over the course of 7 virtual meetings, participants will explore key questions and impactful practices, as well as resources on shared issues. A flexible and accessible format that can be easily integrated into your schedule, the virtual mode is very conducive to the creation of trusting relationships, that help you move from inspiration to action.


As a participant, you will be invited to:

  • Discover new trends and proven strategies in leadership development and share your challenges.
  • Share your inspirations, experiences, successes and learnings with the group.
  • Interact with special guests who embody tomorrow’s leadership.
  • Discuss concrete ways in which you are testing innovative practices to develop tomorrow’s leaders, soliciting and providing feedback.
  • Take action and experiment with new practices in your environment.

Intended participants

CHRPs, generalists or specialists, from all levels of experience, who are directly involved in the development of leaders and who have a real desire to innovate and experiment with practices that are off the beaten track. Minimum 8, maximum 16 participants.

Meeting topics

The topics to be explored will be confirmed by the participants at the first meeting, according to their interests and concerns. Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions around which we could learn together:

  • Who are the leaders of tomorrow?
  • What are the best practices for developing the capabilities of tomorrow’s leaders?
  • How can we accelerate the development of leaders?
  • How to develop leaders’ ability to own and manage their development?
  • How to help leaders navigate complexity?
  • How do we get it right with solutions that deliver sustainable results?

How the meetings work

This community of practice offers a dynamic virtual exchange that facilitates the transition from inspiration to action.

The structure of the meetings will be determined in consultation with the participants and will vary according to the theme: sharing of experiences, case studies, presentation of innovative practices by a guest expert or a participant, brainstorming activities, demonstrations, live implementation of ideas, etc., always accompanied by discussions on concrete ways to take action. Reading materials, reflections and/or experiments will be proposed and solicited in relation to the selected themes. With the agreement of the group, some meetings could be structured using a co-development process to help participants go deeper into a specific issue.

The meetings will be held on the Zoom platform; the links will be sent by the facilitator. Technical requirements: good internet connection, camera, headphones, access to the Zoom platform, quiet place to fully participate in the discussions.

Note about the dates of the meetings: A calendar is proposed for the season; the dates can be adapted to the needs of the group. An approach that is often used in co-development groups, since the presence and commitment of all are essential.

NEXT START DATE : French cohort currently underway. Let me know if you’d like to join or form an English group.